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 Friends and guests of D-M & D-L

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PostSubject: Friends and guests of D-M & D-L   Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:45 pm

Welcome to D-M & D-L alliances homepage

If you are a friend and wish to join us in our chat box please register with your IGN and contact Kovar , shoebop or Jaximus Rex and they will grant you access .

If you are interested in joining D-M or D-L please leave a short discription of yourself such as ......

1.) How often are you online?

2.) Are you in an alliance and why do you want to be in our alliance?

3.) What can you contribute to make this alliance stronger?

4.) Many people quit playing in the range of 50,000- 100,000 points. What can you tell us about your commitment to continue playing well beyond that range?

5.) Do you see yourself as a trader, pillager, or both?

Upon reading your application you will be contacted in game buy a member of are leadership regarding your location and whether or not you meet the min requirements (General score / hideout level / overall score ) for membership for D-M or D-L . This process can take from 1-3 days from the day you post .
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PostSubject: List of the Sparks members   Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:57 pm

Here is the list of Known SPARKS members. ZARGON is the leader. We are dropping the "Wing" designation, so if anyone knows any of these sparks and they are active, excited players....let them know they can come on over.

(name - SPRK - rank - points)
faunn SPRK 712 623.946
Marco SPRK 1.503 212.285
rajb SPRK 1.512 208.505
khalifa16 SPRK 1.514 207.945
zargon SPRK 1.590 181.399
irlscott SPRK 1.679 156.109
Strider SPRK 1.730 143.245
kayaduzu SPRK 1.844 116.330
PeaceZ SPRK 1.862 112.573
merfin SPRK 1.987 87.845
1408 SPRK 2.039 80.124
nacoleon SPRK 2.093 73.877
Xanpliss SPRK 2.192 59.440
harry SPRK 2.253 52.166
indianec SPRK 2.269 50.256
popop2332 SPRK 2.274 49.723
Fuji Syuusuke SPRK 2.283 47.692
zuser SPRK 2.299 46.261
Tilomilo SPRK 2.356 41.533
Killer Kush SPRK 2.359 41.258
Chanse SPRK 2.38 39.136
Nugget SPRK 2.434 35.597
lugia SPRK 2.543 27.590
hello09 SPRK 2.592 25.274
tujis SPRK 2.593 25.255
dowlking SPRK 2.701 19.362
strill SPRK 2.733 18.097
Pinball SPRK 2.812 15.494
malli SPRK 2.834 14.664
braveheart SPRK 2.942 11.600
blackshepal SPRK 2.948 11.350
matte SPRK (i) 3.096 7.826
shoujan11 SPRK 3.109 7.447
fernandator SPRK 3.211 6.153
christiaan258 SPRK 3.235 5.656
GibboTron SPRK 3.493 3.165

UPDATE SEPT 12th: I got a message today from BusT. He used to be in DLR and before that Thorn, now he is in IWS. We have a PT with IWS, so it appears that they are changing their ways. Gmaster and BusT used to be big pillagers and "farmers", but now it appears they are actually trying to be peaceful. BusT has asked me if we would take the SPARKS members on our islands. He is concerned that many of them on his islands are just being "farmed". I'm not sure what their plan is to get the SPARKS to actually break up or quit and join IWS or even DL/DM, but I said that it would not be problem. (He called in a favor - helping out with Weonk way back when....so maybe if he's using his favor to help little SPARKS guys, they are going legit). So contact the SPARKS near you and tell them that we offer more than the SPARKS does, and we have members that once were SPARKS...so on and so on...

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PostSubject: Re: Friends and guests of D-M & D-L   Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:01 pm

To all D-M and D-L members and guests

any body that needs a cat can they message me ingame
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PostSubject: Re: Friends and guests of D-M & D-L   Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:19 am

lol, the evil leprechan posted at the welcome desk is freaking funny nacronis, lol don't worry about his ugly but tho guests, he does not bite..... much!
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PostSubject: Re: Friends and guests of D-M & D-L   

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Friends and guests of D-M & D-L
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